Our Excursion Tips

To the alpine huts on the Stuller Mahdern

On foot to the alpine huts on the Stuller Mahdern - a breathtaking mountain panorama awaits you here

Starting from the Sunnseitn Lodge, there are three signposted trails that will take you to the alpine meadows above the tree line (Stuller Mahder) in around two hours:
- Hiking trails 14 and 14a lead to the popular Egger-Grub-Alm and Bockhütte mountain huts
- Hiking trails 15a and 15b lead to the Stuller Mahder and on to the Hohe Kreuzspitze (2744 m)
- Hiking trail 16 takes you to the beautifully situated Kuchelalm

Up there above the tree line in the middle of alpine meadows with high biodiversity, you will experience a breathtaking mountain panorama that stretches from Ifinger and Hirzer near Meran to the 3,000 metre peaks of the Texel Group with the Hohe Wilde above Pfelders (3,479 m). The alpine huts invite you to linger, and good food and drink are provided.

Duration, starting from the Sunnseitn Lodge Stuls: 02:00 h there and 02:00 h back

There is also the option of driving about 10 minutes by car to the "Morx Puite" car park (daily fee 4 euros). From there you can easily reach the Stuller Mahder on foot in an hour. 

To the mountain lakes Seebersee and Schwarzsee

Beautiful mountain lakes – Seebersee and Schwarzsee

The Seebersee

It is located in the Texel Group at the foot of the imposing mountains Hochfirst and Granatkogel, nestled in its original alpine landscape. This idyllic alpine lake exudes silence and tranquility. In summer, the cattle and cows of many Passeirer farmers graze around it. The herd is looked after by several shepherds. Depending on the season, they graze on different pastures of the Seeberalm.
The Seebersee is easily accessible via the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road.
We recommend the circular route: Starting from the parking lot Seeber Alm, follow hiking trail 20 towards Oberglanegg Alm. From there, trail 43A leads valleywards for about 8 km and an elevation gain of only 320 meters to Seebersee. On the way back, we recommend trail 43 down into the valley to Seeber Alm and from there following the forest path downstream to the starting point at the parking lot.
Duration: 02:30 h
Both alpine pastures are operated in summer. This hike is also suitable for families.

The Große Schwarzsee

It is located at an altitude of 2,500 m, nestled in a barren mountain world, as one rarely sees. On the way there, the rustic landscape impresses with several waterfalls, at the upper end of which the Passer meanders through the landscape in its original form.

The starting point for this destination is the Timmelsbrücke on the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road.
Follow hiking trail 30 towards Schwarzsee from the parking lot.
Duration: 04:30

There is a nice place to stop at the Timmelsalm.


Ulfaser Alm

Ulfaser Alm in the Texel Group Nature Park, Matatzspitze, Ulfaser Waalweg, Mooseum with Ibex Enclosure

Especially interesting for families with children

Ulfaser Alm with ascent to Matatzspitze (optional)

Opposite the Sunnseitn Lodge, on the other side of the valley, lies the hamlet of Ulfas in the Texel Group Nature Park. With 31,391 hectares, the nature park is the largest of the seven South Tyrolean nature parks. Starting from the Kratzegg Hof car park, it is a gentle uphill walk into the valley to the Ulfaser Alm. There you can stop for a break or continue to climb to the Matatzspitze. From there you have a magnificent view of the mountains and also of the Burggrafenamt Meran and the Etschtal.

Ulfaser Waalweg

At the Ulfaser Alm hut, a shady, ancient irrigation channel path begins, which leads very comfortably through spruce and larch forest to a clearing from which you can look down on the underlying Passeier Valley. The Waalweg is particularly popular with children. The cool water provides an ideal change from hiking and offers many opportunities for children to have fun with spontaneously found natural toys.
Duration of the walk from the car park to the Ulfaser Alm: 1:30 h

Mooseum Museum with Ibex Enclosure

We also recommend a visit to the Mooseum museum. The museum is archaeologically very interesting and exhibits regional peculiarities from the nature and history of the Hinterpasseier. However, with the ibex enclosure, it also offers a unique facility in the Alps for the breeding, care, and reintroduction of ibexes.


The Passeier Gorge Trail

The Passeier Gorge Trail (No. 1) leads from St. Leonhard to Moos in Passeier, along impressive rock formations, cascades, and whirlpools. Sometimes wild, then calm again in the rhythm of the gorge formed over millions of years. Here you can hear and feel pure nature.
Just before Moos, the trail passes by the mighty Stieber Waterfall. Here, the Pfelderer Bach thunders into the depths. First 19 m and then 18 m into the roaring gorge.

You can take the regular bus back from Moos to St. Leonhard.

Duration: 2.30 h (from St. Leonhard to Moos)