On the trail of history

Archaeological Hiking Trails

Hiking trail "Silberhütt"-Höhe

Archaeological hiking trail accessible by foot from the Sunnseitn Lodge in 20 minutes.

Hiking trail "Kratzegg"

Archaeological hiking trail accessible from the Sunnseitn Lodge in 20 minutes on foot.

More sights

Mooseum in Moos in Passeier

Bunker Mooseum

A bunker shell from the 1930s houses this museum facility in Moos in Passeier. Regionally dominated thematic areas showcase peculiarities from the nature and history of the Hinterpasseier. The Bunker Mooseum is also an information point for the Texel Group Nature Park. A tour offers exciting areas of knowledge in a unique environment for the whole family and invites further exploration of the region. The special experiential character of the Bunker Mooseum is underscored by a sequence of several highlights in the exhibition and outdoor areas:


The Sacred Heart Fires

The tradition of mountain fires in June commemorates the vow made to the Heart of Jesus

The custom of lighting fires around the summer solstice actually dates back to ancient times: The solstice or St. John's fires are documented as early as the 12th century. In the 18th century, the custom was reinterpreted: In 1796, the Tyrolean Estates solemnly promised, in the face of the impending danger from the invasion of Napoleon's troops, to entrust the land to the "Most Sacred Heart of Jesus" and to commemorate this every year anew.

After the surprising victory of the Tyrolean troops over the French, the so-called Sacred Heart Sunday was celebrated on the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost. Andreas Hofer renewed the vow before the battle at Bergisel against the French and Bavarians as a unifying bond among the Tyroleans: Hofer's troops triumphed, and this made Sacred Heart Sunday a high holiday. The Sacred Heart Fires are still lit today on Sacred Heart Saturday or Sunday in many valleys, illuminating the sky over South Tyrol. This tradition is also still alive in North Tyrol. Traditionally, Christian symbols such as crosses, the Sacred Heart, or the inscriptions INRI or IHS can be seen on the mountain slopes.

Literature about Stuls

Philipp, an American spy in Stuls or anthropologist?

The American anthropologist Philipp S. Katz researched social change in South Tyrol in the 1970s using the example of the Passeier mountain village of Stuls. 50 years later, he pays the village another visit.

Book description "You, the Researcher" ...